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Interdisciplinary Sciences and Management

The Interdisciplinary Sciences and Management Department is involved in three areas of activity: conventional engineering training (all specialisms, for students on conventional courses or apprenticeships), provision of services (research – consultancy – lifelong training) and applied research (developing competitiveness for companies and regions, improving understanding of innovation systems and change processes).


The Interdisciplinary Sciences and Management Department works in coordination with the other four departments at UniLaSalle and relies on an active network of partners.


Areas of expertise
  • Strategy, economic intelligence, strategic monitoring and entrepreneurship
  • Economics, management and finance
  • Marketing, business development and negotiating
  • Management, team dynamics, human factors and working conditions
  • Management systems (QHSE, sustainable development) and project management
  • Computing (algorithmics, databases, programming), office systems and software, information systems and data management
  • Governance and CSR


Fields of activity
  • Strategic diagnosis and forward-looking studies
  • Implementation of economic intelligence and strategic monitoring initiatives
  • Sectoral research, market research, B-to-B marketing
  • Consultancy in customer relationship management, sales forces
  • Financial analysis, business planning, costing, value analysis
  • QHSE auditing, organizational diagnosis and/or occupational risk prevention (university diploma)
  • Training for trainers, training in leading meetings and business communication
  • Training and coaching in team management, team building
  • Consultancy and training in human resources management
  • Recruitment support (training, assistance in evaluating applications)
  • Support for staff development (MBTI, HBDI, NLP, transactional analysis)
  • Support for creativity and the introduction of innovative processes
  • Advice and training on project management, functional analysis
  • Assistance in designing information systems
  • Training and support for database modeling
  • Support for the development of ICT for education (e-learning, screencasts, coursecasts, etc.)
Types of service

Our services can include research, consultancy or continuing education.

Our continuing education catalog can be found on our French website, and we can adapt the content to meet specific requirements.

Our continuing education accreditation number: 22600012460

Examples of projects and achievements
Research for …
  • The Agricultural Risk Management Chair (Groupama Paris Val de Loire): risks involved in…
    • The installation and use of a methanogenesis unit
    • The use of drones in farms
      Price volatility
    • Setting up young farmers.
  • The European Interreg program: The HOTPOT project on the use of microwave cooking for industrial-scale preparation of traditional dishes.
  • Crédit Agricole du Nord Est: « Agriculture en Région Nord-Est, quelles perspectives à 2025? » (Agriculture in north-eastern France – prospects for 2025)
  • Several projects carried out in connection with specialization programs (with 4th- and 5th-year students under the guidance of our experts):
    • Forward-looking study: « L’emploi agricole en Champagne-Ardenne, l’agriculture du nord-est à l’horizon 2025 » (Employment in agriculture in Champagne-Ardenne – agriculture in north-eastern France in 2025)
    • Market research: marketing of late-cut hay (Chamber of Agriculture 02), marketing of organic wine (a Moroccan wine producer), the development of snacking (Auchan), the horticulture industry (SAS Hortitrace)
    • Benchmarking: improving service, positioning study (Elior)
    • Feasibility study: creation of a corporate network for short-chain marketing (several farmers, and for Bonduelle and a Leclerc supermarket)
    • Business development study: agriculture buildings (Chamber of Agriculture 60)
    • Business plans: for farmers, cooperatives and companies (diversification, setting up)
    • Satisfaction survey: for farmers and cooperatives (members)


  • The socio-economic context for farmers (Saint Louis sugar)
  • Agricultural taxation to develop sales (Bergerat-Monnoyeur/Caterpillar tractors)
  • Database design and use (Résolia: French network of Chambers of Agriculture)
  • Leading CSR projects in cooperatives (skills training via the Badge scheme, certification by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles), in partnership with Coop de France.
  • Organization of a « creative workshop » for the PEPITE innovation cluster, with the support of Picardy Regional Council (November 2015)
  • Organization of the « Food and Well-Being » conference for the Milan World’s Fair (June 2015)
Our partners
Corporate partners
  • AGCO
  • Auchan
  • Bonduelle
  • Coca Cola
  • Crédit agricole
  • Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB)
  • Danone
  • Elior
  • Groupama
  • Isagri
  • Leclerc
  • Resolia
  • SAS Hortitrace
  • Union coopérative arrondissement de Clermont
Institutional partners
  • ALIM 50+
  • Chambers of Agriculture for Oise, Aisne and Champagne-Ardenne
  • Beauvaisis Urban Community
  • Conference of Grandes Écoles
  • Oise Departmental Council
  • Picardy Regional Council
  • Coop de France
  • PEPITE innovation cluster
  • Interreg program
Academic partners
  • University of Bonn
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • University of Brighton
  • Paris-Dauphine-DRM University
  • University of Missouri, Columbia
  • University of São Paulo
  • University of Picardy Jules Verne (CRIISEA and IAE)
  • University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC)
  • Wageningen University
Tools for our activities
  • Methods and tools for surveying, processing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data (AMOS 4, GAMS, NVivo, PLS-Graph, SAS, Scilab, SPSS 10, TSP, XPRESS)
  • Software: Dolibarr, GIS software (ArcGIS, Google Earth, Map Info, Map Windows), MySQL, OpenERP, Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop), Access DBMS, MindView
  • Collaborative tools and distance learning tools