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Our science strategy & research activities

Following the merger between LaSalle Beauvais and Esitpa, the scientific boards joined forces to build research that supports the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, and more broadly, the fields of Life, Earth and Environmental sciences.

The five original research units are going to promote their knowledge and expertise to bring innovative solutions to your projects:

UniLaSalle today looks to the French Chambers of Agriculture network, and more generally, agricultural professionals, together with the LaSalle worldwide higher education network in France and abroad, to fulfill its research missions.

Research and innovation missions
  • Rolling out quality research to obtain knowledge and expertise in scientific fields applied to agriculture, nutrition and health, geology and the environment,
  • Sharing the systemic approach with students and giving them the skills required to innovate based on multidisciplinary and multistakeholder approaches developed in research, and this in addition to sharing knowledge,
  • Developing technological and organizational (decision support tool) innovations to support agricultural and food sectors and the regions in energy and agro-ecological transition and in preserving and promoting natural resources, health and well-being,
  • Consolidating partnerships with companies based on a co-constructive approach, which is used to position projects according to a TRL (Technology Readiness Level), identify critical areas suitable for industrial chair creation, strengthen research-training interactions by involving inclusive, action-based teaching, and encourage further study (dual degree, doctoral program),
  • Giving the institution international exposure and recognition in its areas of expertise to foster scientific and educational links, increase the appeal of the school and improve the employability of students abroad,
  • Finally, and more generally, sharing scientific culture with the various local stakeholders and publics to promote science and engineering degrees among young people.


Managing research at UniLaSalle
Scientific Council

Chairman: Vincent Pétiard, Director of Business Development, Nature Source Genetics

Vice-Chairman: Christian Huyghe, acting Scientific Director for Agriculture, INRA

Vice-Chairman: Jacques de Certaines, Dr, biophysicist, deputy mayor of Rennes in charge of research (1983-1989)

The UniLaSalle Scientific Council was formed when the two former LaSalle Beauvais, Esitpa and EME councils merged. It helps to shed light on multidisciplinary approaches and to strive for coherence in terms of partnerships and medium- and long-term development perspectives.

Half of its members come from the external academic scientific community and the other half from the UniLaSalle Scientific Board.

Scientific Board

Beauvais campus: Michel-Pierre Faucon

Rouen campus: Karine Laval

As part of its R&D steering and coordinating activities within UniLaSalle, the Scientific Board oversees the management and organization of all shared resources.

It is backed up by a project engineering unit.