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Agronomic facility
A facility dedicated to identifying, testing and approving agricultural innovations

The UniLaSalle agronomic facility offers the full range of tools and methods required as well as the necessary human resources and expertise for inventing the agronomic practices of the future.

With close to 60 ha of agricultural land exclusively for open-field experimentation (micro- and mesoplots as “producer” plots), the overall agricultural land available for use by the facility from its two farms is approximately 350 ha. At the same time, thanks to recently developed infrastructures, experimentation is now possible in controlled and confined environmental conditions.

Research areas

For more than 30 years, this facility has hosted numerous experimental and research projects focusing on varietal improvement of crop plants, economic and environmental optimization of technical schemes and, more recently, adaptation of cropping systems to global climate change and reduction of their carbon and landscape footprint. This agronomic facility is being developed with a view to its future involvement in the worldwide Industries and Agro-Resources (IAR) competitive cluster. The facility is therefore set to become an important center for innovation in green energy biomass production and adaptation for agricultural and agro-industrial partners (integrated “Ferme du Futur” project).

Key technical equipment
Agricultural and experimentation equipment,
  • Tractors,
  • Large area and precision seed drills,
  • Tillage implements,
  • Irrigation and misting systems,
  • 12 m sprayer with Electronic Proportional Flow Control,
  • Plot combine harvester (pneumatic grain conveyor).
Instrumentation and measurement
  • Equipment for measuring the principal variables affecting the environment and plant life (e.g. leaf area integrator, Picqhelios apparatus, porometers, tensiometers, automatic weather station),
  • TDR soil moisture/temperature monitoring station,
  • Environmental chamber, drying ovens, plant shredder.