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Analytical chemistry facility

This facility houses all the analytical equipment for biochemical and/or spectroscopic characterization available to associate professors and research coordinators at UniLaSalle.

Alongside its actual research programs (methodological development), the facility provides scientific and technical support for the various researchers for their Research & Development or training programs.

This integrated center mainly hosts multidisciplinary programs involving industrialists in the plant breeding and production, agro-industry, food, nutrition and health sectors.

Research areas
  • Biochemical analysis of food matrices and outcome of biochemical markers (e.g. vitamins, AGEs, macronutrients) during agro-industrial and/or food processes,
  • Physical and chemical characterization of plant raw materials to assess their technological capabilities (molecular distribution of polysaccharide and/or protein polymers, etc.),
  • Development of plant breeding aids for the phenotyping stage (high throughput screening of protein subunits).
Key technical equipment
  • Ultimate analysis (N),
  • Spectroscopic methods (UV, Visible, FRIR, FTIR, Fluorescence, FTIR-Microscopy),
  • Chromatographic characterization:
    • Gas-phase chromatography (FID, ECD, Head Space, MS/MS detection),
    • Liquid chromatography (HPLC) (UV-VIS, DAD, DDL, Fluo, RI, EC, MS/MS detection),
    • Steric exclusion chromatography and Asymmetric-Flow-Field-Flow-Fractionation (AF4) (MALLS-RI-UV detection),
    • Semi-preparative chromatography,
    • Capillary electrophoresis (EC-DAD, Microfluidic).


Institutional partners

CNRS IS2M Mulhouse, CNRS IJL Nancy, Institut Pasteur Lille, IFNA, INRA, UTC, UPJV, AgroParisTech, Estación Experimental del Zaidín (CSIC), (Grenada, Spain).

We are proud to work with

SEB, ProDietic, Bonduelle, Club 5, Saaten Union, Unisigma, Roquette, Lin2000, ULICE