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Culinary practice facility

The Culinary Practice facility adds to the technical and industrial resources of the Process Engineering facility.

It features a large range of professional and domestic kitchen appliances and provides scientific, technical and educational support to its various publics. The structure of the facility itself and its versatile equipment aim to facilitate different types of activity, from scientific research to education in preventing disease through diet.

People working in the food, catering and equipment manufacturing industries regularly use this facility — which features a production area with five independent workstations and a room for tasting and sensory analysis — to test new dishes, restaurant offerings, new food processing concepts or to study the nutritional habits of people affected by disease.

Research areas
  • Research and innovation on product preparation and processing techniques,
  • Research and innovation for kitchen appliances,
  • Preparing dishes and performing organoleptic tests,
  • Translational research on the eating habits of ill people and healthy individuals, for example “food and cancer”.
Research and innovation topics
  • Formulating recipes and adapting culinary techniques to relieve the side effects of cancer treatment, P. Pouillart
  • Impact of steam cooking on the taste and nutritional value of vegetables, F. Tessier, P. Jacolot
  • Assessing the nutritional benefits of the VAPOSAVEUR® system, P. Pouillart
  • Examining the anti-adhesive properties of innovative coatings for kitchen equipment, F. Tessier
  • Inventory of recipes from Picardy and nutritional analysis to help publish a cookery book, P. Pouillart
  • Establishing a panel of sensory analysis experts, specialized in plant proteins,
  • Taking part in the Sciences et Cuisine competition: 2014 prize winner in the “novice” category with the “Roulade et prunelles changeantes” and “Casse teintes cubique” dishes,
  • Taking part in the Sciences et Cuisine competition in 2015: 2nd prize in the “professional” category with the ”Bijou germé” dessert and “Graine de flan” main course.
Teaching and education
  • World cuisine,
  • Recipe creation and nutrition,
  • Creative cooking,
  • Health education through cooking,
  • Food formulation and knowledge of additives and ingredients.
  • Team building,
  • Innovative formulation,
  • Equipment testing for manufacturers.
Facility equipment

The production area features a large range of kitchen appliances — sous-vide cooking capabilities, convection oven, microwave oven with pulse width modulation technology, microwave oven with linear transformer technology, steam cooking capabilities, steam and dry heat oven, slow cooker, fryer, flat grill, electric hobs (radiant heat, halogen, induction) and gas hobs, and an Electrolux air-o-convect electric convection oven. It also has a freezer, chilling unit, fridges, high-precision scales, Electrolux BE5 mixer, and various small kitchen appliances supplied by SEB (e.g. food processor, chopper, mixers and blenders).

This area also boasts high tech video recording equipment to capture the techniques step-by-step and the operators in action, and a studio fitted with specialized photographic equipment. The sensory analysis and tasting room is equipped with 24 booths. Red and green light filters are used to vary the atmosphere, and the room features an infrared video camera to conduct blind testing sessions in complete darkness. Film footage and culinary photographs can be burnt onto communication and promotional media using our computer editing equipment (DVDs, etc.).

Institutional partners

Regional Council of Picardy, Beauvais Urban Community, patient support organizations, especially the ONCOPIC (Picardy cancer patient network), Oise Cancer League Committee, CHB (Beauvais Hospital) Oncology Department and health prevention and education centers in the Picardy region (ARS, CCAS de Beauvais and IREPS). The Culinary Practice facility bears the PNA mark as healthy eating, through the national nutrition and health program, is everyone’s concern!

Equipment manufacturing partners

SEB, Georges Pralus Innovation, Milord, Electrolux