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Microbiology facility

The Microbiology facility houses all the equipment used in microbiology related to food industry processes and products.

This scientific facility is dedicated to both developments stemming from research topics (characterization of the pathogenicity of certain microorganisms) and research that is more finalized and/or industrial transfer-oriented (health and/or food safety related).

All R&D programs comply with Good Laboratory Practices according to the various trial protocol guidelines and strictly adhere to quality and confidentiality requirements.

Research areas
  • Detection, quantification and identification of microorganisms,
  • Study of virulence factors,
  • Biomass production, kinetic and monitoring methods,
  • Study of health qualities of food,
  • Study of foodstuff decontamination,
  • Study of microbiological impairment strains, antimicrobial activities,
  • Study of fermentation processes.


The Microbiology facility also provides support for a research team:
EGEAL, which studies health risks linked to early exposure to food matrix contaminants (assessing the health quality of the food matrix, studying the impact of food contaminants on intestinal microbiota).

Key technical equipment
  • BSL-2 research laboratory,
  • Series of sample preparation rooms with autoclave sterilizers, ventilated storage cabinets, equipment and consumable storage area,
  • Collection and storage of test samples (refrigerated chamber, -20 to -80°C freezers, refrigerators),
  • Sample preparation equipment (scales, pH meter, stomachers, freeze dryer, centrifuges, blenders, displacement pump, Class II microbiological safety cabinet, laminar air flow hood, Sorbonne hood),
  • Incubation systems (bacteriological drying ovens, PASTEUR hot air sterilizer, shaker incubator, water bath shaker),
  • Other facility equipment includes an anaerobic enclosure, epifluorescence microscope and refrigerated heating bath,
  • Washing room, room dedicated to the treatment of products and equipment for testing purposes (dishwasher, decontamination autoclave, water demineralizer).
Institutional partners

The facility regularly works with an expert network including INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), the University of Technology of Compiègne, and other CNRS centers (French National Centers for Scientific Research).

We are proud to work with