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Student Union & Associations

Active student societies

UniLaSalle is more than just an engineering school, it is a place to live where you can thrive and find fulfillment. Campus life is marked by many society activities, it’s the 6 to 8 — life after lectures between 6pm and 8am!

All societies come under the Association générale des étudiants, or students’ union.

Five large families offer a very wide (non-exhaustive) range of activities and you can be sure to find something for you among the ordinary and not so ordinary pursuits!

Each year group also has a Committee that fosters links between students and with the teaching staff.

“Some student union members had never done voluntary work before and the experience reveals people’s personalities. We work on the basis of accountability — each person is in charge of one or more projects.

Many have gained in self-confidence. ”

Margot Buet

Former student union committee member

Campus organization

Sometimes you’ll need services and material when living on campus. And thanks to several societies you’ll find what you need.

  • The Com’Ronéo provides school supplies — binding, photocopy cards, pens, herbarium sheets, etc. You will also find stamps, laundromat tokens and other useful everyday items there.
  • The Com’Brico is a source of material but also ideas and skills. It will help and support you with small projects and will happily lend you material for major events on campus.
  • The Com’Boutik sells a whole catalog of items bearing the UniLaSalle logo so you can wear the school’s colors.
  • HandiLaSalle is stepping up disability-awareness initiatives and partnerships through an innovative campaign. You can get involved in the organization or simply take part in ambitious programs, the aim of which is to encourage young people with disabilities to continue their higher education. Interesting discussions are guaranteed!
  • The Com’internationale, centered on students of various different nationalities, provides an opportunity to learn about and share different cultures. Initiatives and events that take you to faraway lands.
  • The Com’Salon invites you to take part in different events to represent and promote UniLaSalle. Dozens of events in French high schools, student fairs, open days, and interview days for future students. A chance for everyone to support and guarantee the future of the school.
  • Jobs Service is your contact if you are looking for paid work. Your customers can be UniLaSalle, external companies or private individuals. Simple, one-off tasks.
  • Performer is the UniLaSalle Junior Enterprise. As part of this for-profit company, a member of the French National Conference of Junior Enterprises, you will offer companies services that come within your fields of expertise: agriculture, food & health, geology & the environment. So many invaluable and eye-opening professional links.
  • The Com’Foyer [foyer@asso.unilasalle.fr] brings the campus to life and should not be missed! Le Foyer — a venue for relaxing, meeting people and sharing stories — organizes events and evenings throughout the year.
  • Nuit de l’Institut Evening dress is a must for the longest night of the year! The Gala is the event of the year and close to 2,000 people attend annually with the setting decked out for the occasion. In keeping with the UniLaSalle spirit, the proceeds go to charity.
  • The Ovalies LaSalle Beauvais, the largest humanitarian European university rugby tournament! This tournament — which hosts 60 teams, 1,500 players and supporters, and various events — is very generous in spirit and attracts interest from France and further afield. And all proceeds go to one or more charities.
  • The Prestige evening gives guests the chance to party in elegance. If you are on the organizing committee, you’ll be full of ideas for planning the event in a sumptuous setting each year. If you attend as a guest, you’ll have an unforgettable evening every time!
  • Gardenia enables you to share your passion for plants and gardening. Every year, there is an exhibition and sale of rare plants at UniLaSalle as well as various initiatives for promoting and protecting plant species, particularly renovation projects for outstanding gardens.
  • Opale is the perfect society for you if you are fascinated by beautiful stones. Every year, towards the end of March, you’ll help organize the now famous Bourse aux Minéraux et Fossiles de Beauvais — the Beauvais mineral and fossil fair — that welcomes exhibitors from all over France. With Opale, you’ll take part in the Mineral & Gem show in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.
Community actions & solidarity
  • Alibabaa, which stands for the Association Lasallienne d’Initiation au B.A.BA de l’Alimentation. Its aim is to raise awareness of healthy eating among young people. You will regularly work with pupils from primary schools in Beauvais, introducing them to fun activities based on this topic.
  • UniRaid brings students together for an international solidarity trip each year. You will plan the trip throughout the year thanks to events to raise the necessary funds.
  • Solidari’terre offers you three ways of getting involved — solidarity work abroad, local charity work, and involvement in environmental protection campaigns.
Specializations & Industry partners
  • Vach’Expo: if you are a fan of breeding and genetics, you’ll be able to represent UniLaSalle at various animal judging contests. You’ll take part in the Paris International Agricultural Show every year, taking the four best UniLaSalle cows with you. You’ll develop contacts with livestock breeding professionals.
  • Agreenov is designed to promote agricultural innovation for students, industry professionals and UniLaSalle staff. It will help you develop skills in organizing training courses and technical sessions.
  • GEODE, a not-for-profit organization, aims to supply material to those specializing in Geology, while forging links and boosting chances of employment.
  • The TSP specialization committee supports Geological Technicians. If you are looking for an internship or block-release training, or if you want to get in touch with other students or alumni, sign up!
  • LaSalle Geotech’ broadens knowledge of geology. It gives you the chance to take part in site visits, talks and geotechnical tests.
  • LaSalle Hydrogéol provides additional theory and can put you into contact with industry professionals. It also offers a program of talks and visits.
  • SEG Student Chapter LaSalle France is affiliated to the Society of Economic Geologists, which brings together mining geologists from all over the world. The society enables you to further your knowledge of geology outside of the classroom and build bridges between the worlds of education and work.
  • The Student Chapter of Geophysics is for fans of geophysics, in all its forms! The society is affiliated to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and sponsored by CGG Veritas and Paradigm. It provides a great opportunity to build a solid international network, and opens doors to the job market.
  • The AAPG Student Chapter LaSalle Beauvais for Petroleum Geology students promises a dynamic team and dream projects.
Culture and leisure
  • The Com’Sono works alongside the Com’Foyer for festive events and student nights. It provides sound systems for the main events of the year.
  • The Tourist Rally Whether by car, bike or horse, this rally is a way of discovering Oise in a different light. Activities await you every step of the way. Come and join in!
  • The Com’Out encourages you… to step outside the campus! There are organized trips and special rates for the Beauvais and Amiens Zénith concert halls.
  • The Aumônerie is the center of spiritual life at UniLaSalle. It organizes discussion cafés, thinking dinners, meetings with charities, mass services on campus and invites you to the popular Marche de l‘Aumônerie, or chaplaincy walk, every October. It is festive, spiritual and moving.
  • The BD’thèque is for you if you are a fan of comic strips! You’ll find many titles there, from the most popular to the best kept secrets, from must-reads to Japanese manga. You can borrow books or thumb through the pages in the society’s reading room, which is open daily from 1pm to 2pm and 8pm to 9pm.
  • The Com’Musique ensures you get to practice your passion. It helps bands set up concerts and brings together musicians to form new bands. You’ll get access to a practice room, equipped with various different instruments, and sound systems.
  • The Com’Photo gives you the chance to take part in workshops, under the watchful eye of a professional photographer and in tandem with writing workshops. Your work will be displayed in the school during Les Photaumnales, Beauvais photography festival. And together with the Association des Ingénieurs et Anciens Elèves alumni society, you’ll be involved in organizing the annual photography competition, open to students on internships abroad.
  • The Com’Théâtre is perfect for budding or experienced actors. You’ll have lessons with a professional director and try your hand at various techniques (vocal placement, improvisation, etc.) before putting a play together that will be performed at the Théâtre du Beauvaisis at the end of the year. You’ll also get special rates to enjoy the theater season in Beauvais.
  • The Chœur de LaSalle is open to all, whether beginners or experienced choir singers. It is ideal for beating the blues!  As for the LaSalle Symphonic Orchestra, you can perform during the main events on the school calendar. [https://facebook.com/chœur.lasalle.beauvais]
  • The Com’airsoft gives you the chance to have a go at this sport which is similar to paintball. The aim?  Serious play for those who don’t take themselves too seriously!
  • The Com’Art welcomes people who love to draw. Whether you are an amateur or experienced artist or just interested in art, you are invited to come and draw, learn and share your techniques and how you work.
  • LaSalle Ciné will open up the world of cinema to you! The society shows films at reduced rates in lecture halls and has information about the new releases each week. Everything you need to become an expert in the seventh art.
  • LaSalle Radio is the campus radio station and features a team of journalists specialized in current affairs, cinema, art, sport and of course music. Become a radio presenter while using a professional-standard studio and equipment!
  • The Com’Jonglage offers beginners and advanced juggling classes. Get the hand of bounce balls, clubs, diabolos and unicycles, and perform at events organized by the school.
  • Pep’s, the student sound-sharing platform, supports all your artistic projects! It’s a simple concept — you play and Pep’s shares! A great way of setting your life to music.
  • The Com’un chef is for all food lovers! Prepare meals based on a theme and then share them with other budding chefs!
  • Club Œno will appeal if you are a wine enthusiast. It offers initiation evenings and tasting workshops run by professionals that you’ll be delighted to welcome to the campus.
  • The Com’jeux de plateau, the board games society, will transport you to the world of warfare, with battle re-enactments using figurines. A fascinating universe for war buffs.
  • The Com’jeux vidéo calls on all video game fans. Whether you are learning the ropes or totally hooked, these evenings are also the occasion to share tasty food.
  • ACL, the Association Cynégétique Lasallienne, will put you in touch with people passionate about hunting and nature. It organizes events, talks, competitions, trips, initiation to the hunting horn and lots of other get-togethers.
  • The Bureau des sports (BDS), or sports committee, organizes numerous sporting events and university tournaments throughout the year — cross country races, sports day, the Jeux de Cristal multi-sport contest, and regional and national university sports matches. The BDS also offers archery, dance or even underwater hockey sessions (in fact the French junior men’s team coach is none other than a UniLaSalle associate professor!).
  • The Com’Bike is perfect for you if you fancy taking your bike out at the weekend. Or perhaps you’d prefer an evening mountain bike ride? The Com’Bike hires out bikes, tandems and scooters for the day!
  • LaSail’ is the school’s sailing and board sport society. Try your hand at cruising, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, surfing and bodyboarding, and then take part in regattas like the EDHEC Sailing Cup. Where do you train? On Canada lake, just a stone’s throw from the school.
  • LaSalle en selle offers a range of equestrian activities. You can choose between treks, lessons, courses and cultural visits, and you can also compete in the ACCAF (French amateur horse racing association) championship.
  • The Com’pompom might tempt you! Thanks to this friendly and sporty society, you can show off your rhythm, timing and dance moves at major competitions like the Ovalies, and be trained by a guest coach.
  • The Com’rock combines the art of dancing with exercise. It welcomes beginners and experienced dancers with open arms and you can make progress throughout the year and get involved in numerous events.