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Campus events

The academic year at UniLaSalle is marked by key events, which give rhythm to the campus life

The Ovalies

Score a try and you will be transformed!


The Ovalies UniLaSalle is the largest European university rugby tournament. It is also one of the most popular events with UniLaSalle students and other schools in France and Europe.

Every year for over 20 years, 80 fourth-year students have thrown themselves into organizing an even bigger and better event than before.

In the space of a weekend, over 3,500 people and 75 rugby teams get together to share the Ovalies values — friendship, sporting spirit and generosity. Thanks to the sport of rugby and the commitment of the students, the Ovalies supports charity work by giving the proceeds of the tournament to various charities.

€278,000have been donated since the tournament began.


UniLaSalle "Rally"

Whether by car, bike or horse, this rally is a way of discovering Oise in a different light.

Every step of the way, different activities await the contestants, who will have dressed up according to the chosen theme.

The Nuit de l'Institut or gala

The Nuit de l’Institut is a very special evening for UniLaSalle. The school opens its doors to 3,000 guests, students, alumni, lecturers and also people living in Beauvais and the surrounding area.

Shows and events are put on in the school, which takes on a very festive feel for the occasion, and the wonderfully decorated Agora building becomes the setting of… a gala!

This event is the fruit of a year’s work and commitment on the part of one hundred or so fourth-year students, who take Lasallian values fully on board and share them by supporting a humanitarian project (part of the proceeds of the evening goes to charity).




Gardenia is a UniLaSalle student society.

Set up in 2007, its main aim is to organize a flower show of the same name which is held at UniLaSalle in October every year.

It attracts around twenty enthusiastic exhibitors and over 1,000 visitors, all interested in the world of exotic plants (succulents, tropical plants, cacti, orchids and bonsai trees). It also welcomes reptiles, turtles and fish.

In addition to this event, Gardenia promotes and protects plant species, particularly through renovation projects for outstanding gardens.

Mineral and Fossil Fair

The bourse aux minéraux et fossiles de Beauvais is not just about admiring and buying minerals, fossils and jewelery.

It is for learning about geology and marveling at the Earth’s treasures.

It caters for all ages with student-run geological stands for young children, and prestigious exhibitions, talks and 3D shows for adults!

Over 2,100 tickets are sold and some 550 children enjoy the event, held on the last weekend in March every year.



Graduation ceremony

For its organizers, the graduation ceremony is all about throwing the best party possible to mark the end of student life at UniLaSalle.

It is a really special event because for some parents it is the first time they have been back to UniLaSalle since the start of the first year. Thanks to this day, they can relive the years their children have spent at UniLaSalle.

For the graduates, they finally get the famous piece of paper that will enable them to join the workforce. And the graduation ceremony enables them to share the joy of receiving their degree with their family while surrounded by the Lasallian community! It is also the perfect opportunity for each year group to get together and relive some memories and create many more.