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Agroecology and Land Use Systems (UP 2012.10.100 / EdNBISE 497 NU)

The aim of the « Agroecology and Land Use Systems » multidisciplinary unit is to help identify innovative solutions for the future of agriculture and land use.

The team
  • Marie Benoit: Associate Professor, « Economics, Social Science and Management » area
  • Asma Ben Othmen: Associate Professor of Agro-Economics
  • Pierre-Yves Bernard: Associate Professor, « Agronomic Engineering, Livestock Farming and the Environment » area
  • Jérôme Dantan: Associate Professor, MTPMI Platform
  • Christophe Gangneux: Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
    • Isabelle Gattin: Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences
  • Richard Gattin: Associate Professor, Head of Area of Expertise
  • Nadia Laurent: Associate Professor, PhD in Animal Science
  • Karine Laval: Research Director (Rouen campus)
  • Nathalie Leblanc: Head of « Non-Food Crop Applications » area
  • Marc Legras: Associate Professor, Head of « Agronomic Engineering, Livestock Farming and the Environment » area
  • Hélène Lenormand: Associate Professor, « Engineering of Agro-Industrial and Food Processes » area
  • Angélique Mahieu: Associate Professor, « Engineering of Agro-Industrial and Food Processes » area
  • Olivier Perrin: Associate Professor of Economics, Head of « Economics, Social Science and Management » area
  • Salima Taibi: Associate Professor, Head of the PTMPMI Platform
  • Caroline Terrié: Associate Professor, « Engineering of Agro-Industrial and Food Processes » area
  • Mélanie Bressan: Research Coordinator
  • Naouel Chaftar: Research Coordinator
  • Mohamed Ragoubi: Research Coordinator
  • Wassila Riah-Anglet: Research Coordinator
  • Jean-Baptiste Besnier: Research Leader
  • Lisa Castel: Assistant Engineer
  • Philippe Drone: Laboratory Technician
  • Caroline Dubois: Research Leader
  • Sylvie Juzan: Assistant in the Research and Development Department (Rouen campus)
  • Laëtitia Meslem: Coordinator in the Research and Development Department (Rouen campus)
The scientific project

The main focus of the Agri’Terr unit is to meet the needs of agriculture by achieving a balance between economic and environmental performance. The aim is to protect and make effective use of land and crops.

The research topics under study in Agri’Terr are based around two broad complementary areas in the field of plant breeding and its applications.

The unit adopts an original approach based on multidisciplinary systems research involving a variety of stakeholders. This plurality of viewpoints promotes innovation (exchanging conceptual and methodological approaches, incorporating the requirements of all parties) with the aim of improving knowledge about crops, which are studied at different levels – from crop systems at plot level to regional applications – and from a variety of perspectives (citizens, industry and communities). This core topic lies at the intersection of two research areas.

Area 1: The biological and physicochemical characterization of soils and the performance of crop systems

Coordinator: Isabelle Gattin

The aim of this research area is to improve understanding of the links between soil structure and properties and to encourage diversification in sustainable cropping practices.

The basic questions underpinning this area are crop protection and the impact of biodiversity on soil.

Area 2: The non-food application of crop by-products: technological and organizational innovations

Coordinator: Nathalie Leblanc

The aim of this research area is to improve understanding of the links between the structure and properties of agro-materials and to encourage the diversification of agricultural outlets.

The basic question underpinning this area is the role played by the composition of agro-resources in the usage characteristics of agro-materials after implementation.

Research programs (area 1)
International projects
  • H2020 SFS-04-2014: Soil quality and function – « LANDMARK » project (2015-2020): LAND Management: Assessment, Research, Knowledge base / Quantifying the main ecosystem services provided by soils in the EU, using criteria based on: The condition of the soil (physical, chemical and biological), the type of land use (meadow vs. field crops) and cropping practices (intensive vs. minimum tillage)
    AGRI’TERR coordinators: Isabelle Gattin and Marie Benoit
    Partners: 23 partners, 15 European countries + China + Brazil
National projects
  • CASDAR « CHANGER » (2013-2016) Discussing the profession of advisor: to provide more effective support for farmers looking to change their crops
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Pierre-Yves Bernard
    Partners: Chambers of Agriculture of Normandy, Burgundy, Pays de la Loire, Vosges, Dordogne, Centre, Meurthe-et-Moselle, FDGeda Cher, Vaucluse, RAD-CIVAM, Vivescia, RESOLIA – Training Institute for Chambers of Agriculture, AgroSup Dijon, INRA
  • ADEME DOSTE « PROLAB » (2013-2016) Protocol for the characterization of residual organic products in laboratories to predict their behavior in the field
    AGRI’TERR coordinators: Isabelle Gattin and Nadia Laurent
    Partners: INRA UMR EGC Grignon, INRA FARE, Reims, INRA AgroImpact Laon, UMR EGC, LDAR, Arvalis, INRA LBE Narbonne, INRA SAS Rennes, Cirad Research Unit – Recycling and Risk, Rittmo (Colmar)
  • CASDAR « PATHOGREEN » (2015-2018) Primary contamination of lettuces by pathogenic microorganisms: critical factors and drivers
    AGRI’TERR coordinators: Karine Laval and Mélanie Bressan
    Partners: ACTALIA, SILEBAN regional facility, CRAN, University of Rouen LMSM EA 4312, Yvetot Agricultural School
  • CASDAR « MICROBIOTERRE » (2016-2019) Referencing microbiological indicators in soils and integrating them into routine earth analysis to improve the management of organic matter in field crop and crop-livestock systems
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Wassila Riah-Anglet
    Partners: Brittany Regional Chamber of Agriculture, ARVALIS Plant Institute, CETIOM, ITAB, INRA GENOSOL, SAS Laboratoire (CELESTA-Lab, RITTMO and SEMSE will be subcontractors for SAS Laboratoire).
  • CASDAR « Myco Agra » (2016-2019) The advantages of mycorrhization in agricultural and agroforestry practices
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Naouel Chaftar
    Partners: CA 24, A2C, AFA, INRA Dijon UMR Agroecology, Monbazillac Agricultural School, Farming Communication, CA 24, CA 19, INRA Dijon UMR Agroecology
  • « Bioferti » project (2015-2016) Research and development project on biofertilization
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Mélanie Bressan
    Partners: Private R&D laboratory
Regional projects
  • « LIPS » (2015-2017) Integrated program for the protection and sanitary quality of plants
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Isabelle Gattin
    Partners: University of Rouen (GlycoMev EA 4358, LMSM EA 4312, ECODIV UPRES-EA 1293, SIPRE, ASTREDHOR)
  • « VIVEPOIS » (2016-2019) New regional crop to serve agroecology: winter peas
    AGRI’TERR coordinators: Isabelle Gattin and Karine Laval
    Partners: University of Rouen (GlycoMev EA 4358), CA 76
  • « Biodiversity: an unlimited supply? » (2016-201) biennial IRD2 program
    AGRI’TERR coordinators: Isabelle Gattin and Asma Ben Othmen
    Partners: IRD2, University of Caen (LETG UMR 6554 GEOPHEN, UMR 950 INRA EVA, DEMOLOMBE Institute), University of Le Havre (EA 7263 EDEHN), University of Rouen (ECODIV UPRES-EA 1293)
  • « VALON » (2016-2019) Making effective use of the meadows in Normandy
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Asma Ben Othmen
    Partners: CA 76, PNR, EPLFP Yvetot, « Rural Challenges » association
  • « LICORNE » (2016-2019) Integrated program to fight soil-borne plant pathogens in field crops
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Christophe Gangneux
    Partners: University of Rouen (LMSM EA 4312, GlycoMev EA 4358)


Research programs (area 2)
National projects
  • ADEME-AMI « IBIS » (2013-2016) Innovative bio-based insulation systems for refurbishing old buildings / winner of Investing in the Future grant
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Hélène Lenormand
    Partners: MATERIS-Groupe PAREX, Chanvra, ENTPE, Constructions & Bioressources (C&B)
Regional projects
  • « MaChi » (2015-2017) Chirality in materials
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Nathalie Leblanc
    Partners: University of Rouen (SMS, AMME-LECAP, PBS-MPBM)
  • « TIGRE » (2016-2018) Composite structures made of fibers and plant aggregates
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Nathalie Leblanc
    Partners: LOMC UMR 6294 CNRS, Analyses & Surface – Eric Beucher Laboratory
  • « CHANVRISOL » (2016-2017) Development of hemp in short supply chains for thermal insulation of buildings in Normandy
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Hélène Lenormand
    Partners: Eco-Pertica, Association of Short-Supply-Chain Hemp Producers, Association for the Promotion of Green Building (ARPE)
  • « OLCO » (2016-2019) Optimization of flax composites + associated PhD thesis
    AGRI’TERR coordinator: Nathalie Leblanc
    Partners: Saint Martin linen producer
Recent scientific articles (published in peer-reviewed publications)
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Networks and partners
At regional level

Normandy Region, « Plants, Agronomy, Soils, Innovation » Regional Research Network (VASI), SFR Normandie Végétal, University of Rouen, University of Le Havre, ISEL, University of Caen, ENSA – Rouen, INSA – Rouen, ASTREDHOR-ARHEXOR, Technical Flax Institute (ITL), SIPRE, Technical Beet Institute (ITB), CRT AGROHALL (Evreux), CRT Analyses & Surfaces (Val de Reuil), Terre de Lin, « Cap Seine » Cooperative


At national level

Chambers of Agriculture, ADEME, INRA, ARVALIS Institute, Terres Inovia, Vivescia Cooperative, TERRENA Cooperative, the « Innovative Cropping Systems » (Sdci), « Meadows », « Soil and Land Management » and « Biomass and Land Management » joint technological networks (RMTs), Technical Agricultural Coordination Association (ACTA), IAR competitive cluster, Cosmetic Valley competitive cluster, MOV’EO competitive cluster

At international level

Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech (Morocco), TEAGASC (Ireland), Wageningen University and Aeres University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), University of Southampton (UK)


Socio-economic partners

TREUIL group, PAREX Group, UPM Group, De Sutter Frères, Bonduelle, Hutchinson