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Agricultural machinery and new technology

Anticipating changes in agriculture and new technologies

The Agricultural machinery and new technologies chair — backed by UniLaSalle and its partners AGCO-Massey Ferguson, the Michelin Corporate Foundation and the Regional Council of Picardy — addresses a need among manufacturers to anticipate changes in agriculture and new technologies to design agricultural equipment that meets farmers’ requirements as closely as possible.

Until now led by mechanics experts, the agricultural machinery sector would like to position itself at the forefront of innovation by drawing on the potential of new technologies to contribute to more sustainable agriculture.

Two new associate professor positions

Two associate professors will be recruited to lead the chair in terms of both research and teaching.

They will join a team of twelve associate professors working on the subject (agronomic science together with new technologies, geomatics, soil management, humanities and social sciences).

Profiles sought:

  • Permanent position: Doctor in Agronomy with expertise in engineering. The candidate will have ideally worked in leading companies in the sector and acquired the knowledge necessary to look into the agricultural equipment question. Having gained international renown in the agricultural equipment field, the candidate will be highly aware of the agricultural sector.
  • Associate Professor: Engineer or Doctor in Mechanical or Electronic Engineering with great awareness of the agricultural field.
Research of general interest

The Agricultural machinery and new technologies chair will bring together the academic knowledge of the various regional institutions (UniLaSalle, University of Technology of Compiègne, University of Picardie Jules Verne) and the requirements and knowledge of industrial partners in the agricultural field.

Along with the chair holder, a scientific committee will set out the research program.

Fields of research

The research fields are as follows:

  • Development of practices/Innovations in agricultural machinery: cost and usages,
  • Precision farming (plants, livestock): tilling, treating, fertilizing, irrigating (decision-making tools, field/man/machine interface, etc.),
  • Digital farming: big data, relevance of data flows, etc.
A new course for engineering students

Since September 2016, a two-year Agricultural machinery specialization program has been offered to students entering their fourth year at UniLaSalle (internal recruitment and parallel intakes).


Based on scientific knowledge of agronomy and without ever losing sight of the end users (i.e. farmers), this program provides engineering students with expertise in mechanical and data processing issues. There is also a focus on product marketing.